We were so thankful to have Teen Lifeline available to meet with our students. With more demands on the school counselor’s time, it is great to have a reliable option for help with our students. We are already thinking about how we want to use TL next year. Dawson MS Counselor

Carroll ISD

It has been a great blessing to walk beside these kids on their turf, to equip them with some tools to help break the generational cycles of self-esteem, relationship, and spiritual poverty, and to assist them in casting a vision on where they want to be and how they might get there. Jacob

Decatur ISD, Support Groups Facilitator

In the end, these support groups help kids cope with life and realize that they are not isolated. They are not alone in their struggles. Jeff McCain

Current Teen Lifeline Board Member


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About the Group That Couldn’t Understand Me

Teen Lifeline started over seven years ago at an alternative school in Birdville ISD. Since then, we have expanded into eight different school districts in Tarrant and Wise counties, covering a wide variety of school settings. Each district and individual campus has a...

5 Ways Team Works

This past week, our staff headed to a conference. We were looking forward to learning a lot and spending a lot of time together road tripping it to Nashville. This time is invaluable to what we are trying to accomplish but also to building a sense of team. The...

The Gift That Changes Your Life

As a non-profit, we depend on the gifts and generosity of others to function and continue to run as an organization. On days like today (North Texas Giving Day), it is easy to bring awareness to giving. But why do we give? Does it actually help? What is in it for me?...

Sometimes You Are Just One Step Away

A few years back, my wife and I were at the Storyline Conference with noted author Donald Miller. We decided to go to this conference in Nashville at what we believed was a pivotal time in our family life. I was in ministry at a congregation, and while everything was...

At the Core

I often get asked how our Teen Lifeline curriculum works. Do we have a curriculum focused on anger management, grief or alcohol? My answer is always longer then people expect because when I say “No,” it involves an explanation of why that is the case. We had another...

5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for the Inevitable

I love this time of year, the time when crayons are on sale and my newsfeed is filled with pictures of forced-smiling students in backpacks. Every year when August rolls around, I like to drag out my old pictures and reflect back on all of my FDOS (First Days of...

Number of of students helped through Teen Lifeline during 2014-2015 school year


Percentage of teenagers who feel overwhelmed

* SOURCE: NBCNews.com

Top 5 stressors for teenagers:

(see below – source)

  • School Work 78%
  • Parents 68%
  • Romantic relationships 64%
  • Friends’ problems 64%
  • Younger siblings 64%


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