Being a teenager is hard. They need our help!

Do you remember those teenage years? We do too! It is easy to feel overwhelmed and alone, but Teen Lifeline exists to equip, encourage and empower teenagers to live life better. Get involved in one of the following ways:

Why Support Groups?

We believe that Support Groups offer teenagers a safe place to ask questions, receive the emotional support they need, and develop healthy peer and mentor relationships.

If these support groups do not exist, teenagers are going to continue to fall between the cracks. Instead of complaining about the current state of our culture, let’s encourage, equip and empower this next generation to make better choices.

# of students helped during 2015-2016 school year

# of trained Teen Lifeline facilitators

We were so thankful to have Teen Lifeline available to meet with our students. With more demands on the school counselor’s time, it is great to have a reliable option for help with our students. We are already thinking about how we want to use TL next year.

Dawson MS Counselor

Carroll ISD

It has been a great blessing to walk beside these kids on their turf, to equip them with some tools to help break the generational cycles of self-esteem, relationship, and spiritual poverty, and to assist them in casting a vision on where they want to be and how they might get there.


Decatur ISD, Support Groups Facilitator


Set Back or Opportunity?

We all have those moments in life that we must choose. Is this event, situation, or interruption going to propel me on to the next stage? Or is this the time when I begin to plateau, or even worse, I let frustration set in and begin to give up? These moments come often and are a part of life. If we really think about it, they begin as early as walking. A child that begins to walk stands up and takes a step and falls, then that child has to either decide to get back up or give up. Thankfully, most of us chose at that point to get back up. But as we get older, it becomes harder because the amount of tasks add up and the difficulty of getting back up increases. Or does it? What if it is our mindset that makes or breaks what we will face?

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3 Conversations to Have Before School Starts

It is that back-to-school time of the year again! I can hear the cheers and tears from the Teen Lifeline office. Whether you are looking forward to getting back to a routine, wondering how your baby has grown into a high school senior, or are trying to figure out how your youth ministry is going to hold up against football season – you have a role to play in this upcoming school year! Before teenagers start back at their Middle or High Schools, or the graduates leave home to start their college adventures, take time to have bold, encouraging conversations! You have an opportunity to help students set goals and think about where they want to be at the end of this 2016-2017 school year.

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Brick by Brick

I write this post looking out our back window upon fresh construction. I’ve been watching the structure rise from the remains of an old scrub field just behind our backyard fence. We have watched them clear the land, level the surface, set the foundations, and raise the walls. Each day, we see a new element of the building take shape. Sometimes it is only a coat of paint or a new layer of brick. Some days it seems like they have finished an entire section in one day. There are even stretches of weeks where it seems like they are working and re-working one particular patch of the building until they get it just right.

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I Waited at the DMV and Didn’t Die

A few months back, I was at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) renewing the registration on our mini-van. I am going to guess that brings up some anxiety or at least frustration for more than half of you reading this. It does for me too. In fact, when I went to begin the process and walked into a full house, I almost walked out and chanced getting a ticket because I hear so many people talk about how terrible it is to sit there and wait. But I did it anyway. I took a number 476 (they were on 432, or something like that) and sat down to wait thinking, “I could pass the time checking email or reading on my phone.” The thing is, I was only able to do that part of the time because an interesting thing happened. Before I get to that let me just say, I am not recommending going and hanging out in places like the DMV that you don’t need to go to. I am not suggesting that you submit yourself to unnecessary frustration or stress. In the culture I am surrounded by, it tends to be the case that people (including me) work very hard to remove any stress or anxiety, at times removing the opportunity to learn something or grow in some way.

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Teen Lifeline Summer Reading List

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and read a good book. Maybe you want to learn about something new, gain a new perspective or just need to laugh. As we get closer to the new school year, we hope that you’ll take advantage of the time you have left and stretch your mind! Here are a few of our book recommendations if you need a starting point.

Check out these books for teenagers, parents and youth ministers!

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Reclaiming Human Interaction

I am feeling old fashioned lately. As a relative late-comer to the social media scene, I find myself more as a consumer of these platforms (i.e. just reading and observing) than an actual participant. I like to post overly cute pictures of my kids or post some off-kilter observations of the world around me, but as for using social media as a place for serious discussion, I don’t know how to do it. I’ve had some fun discussions with those just slightly younger than me (including a certain female member of our staff here at Teen Lifeline) about the merits, or lack thereof, surrounding how we use social media. I didn’t grow up with it but more engaged with it well into my mid to late 20’s – well past the age of indoctrination on such things.

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