We were so thankful to have Teen Lifeline available to meet with our students. With more demands on the school counselor’s time, it is great to have a reliable option for help with our students. We are already thinking about how we want to use TL next year. Dawson MS Counselor

Carroll ISD

It has been a great blessing to walk beside these kids on their turf, to equip them with some tools to help break the generational cycles of self-esteem, relationship, and spiritual poverty, and to assist them in casting a vision on where they want to be and how they might get there. Jacob

Decatur ISD, Support Groups Facilitator


Excited to host another year of #Leadercast at @hccfw! Great speakers & great food - it's going to be an awesome day! ...

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You Said WHAT?! – A Guide to Teen Talk

When you hang out with teenagers every week who tend to push the boundaries and find themselves in trouble at school, you have learn some new vocabulary pretty quickly! This is the position I find myself in…often. I cannot tell you how many times I have sat in a group, dumbfounded and confused, while the entire room laughs at a word or phrase I don’t know. Teenagers can sometimes have a different language. They talk in lots of letters and seemingly innocent phrases can mean something else entirely!

So what can we do? How do we keep up? What do these words even mean?! If you spend any time with teenagers, you should find these principles helpful (and stick around for our term guide)!

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Don’t Panic about Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that has caused great anxiety for adults and especially the parents of teenagers. In this episode, Chris and Karlie discuss the phenomenon of Snapchat, the pros and cons of the app, and how to have beneficial conversations with teenagers about Snapchat. Don’t panic about Snapchat, we’ve done our research and are here to help!

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The “Other” Way to Get Unstuck

I talk to a lot of teens that feel stuck. I talk to more than twice as many parents who also feel stuck in whatever situation they are in. Maybe for the teen, it is the feeling that their worst class will never end, that they will never get out of their parents house or that the reputation they have at school will never go away. For the parents, perhaps it’s that their teen will never get it, that they cannot see an end to the drama/complaining/poor decision making.

In both of these instances, the people involved feel stuck. The sense is that they don’t know how to get away from the hurt, pain or discomfort they feel. Most of the time, they want to remove the pain completely or move away from it themselves.

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Don’t Panic about Preparing Teens for the Future with David Fraze

We have some bad news…your teen is going to grow up and become an adult. A scary thought, we know! But in this episode, join the conversation with Dr. David Fraze about what this transition looks like and how we can better prepare teenagers to emerge as functioning, responsible adults. Your teen will eventually leave you, but don’t panic – you’ve got this!

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Number of of students helped through Teen Lifeline during the 2015-2016 school year


Percentage of teenagers who feel overwhelmed

* SOURCE: NBCNews.com

Top 5 stressors for teenagers:

(see below – source)

  • School Work 78%
  • Parents 68%
  • Romantic relationships 64%
  • Friends’ problems 64%
  • Younger siblings 64%


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