We often get asked to talk about what we do at Teen Lifeline. There are several ways to explain it and you can find some of them on our Support Groups or Teen Parents page. However, I find that people often want to know more practically what we are up to and for that I have found a story that I feel communicates well what our teen support groups are all about.

I was reading a book called Take the Stairs by Rory Vanden. In it he talks about being from Colorado and the he sees life lessons in nature.

In Colorado you have the beautiful Rocky Mountains. As majestic and amazing as they are they can also be terrifying and daunting at times. This is also for many of the animals that live on and around the mountains. One such case of majesty that comes with these mountains are storms. These storms are huge, they roll in and you can watch them as they form and come over the tops of the mountains then roll across the landscape or over your head as the case may be.


As beautiful as these may be animals must deal with these elements in their own way. Two such cases are the buffalo and cattle. Both live on the plains and, no doubt, enjoy the weather much of the time, they also face the storms that come but in very different ways.

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We are so honored to add a third member to our staff. I hope you will join us in welcoming her when you see her or by sending an email, after all communication is going to be her role with us.

Karlie Duke (Hatchett) joins us after just completing an internship with us this summer. She graduated from ACU this past May with a degree in Communications and a minor in Family Studies and English. She is thrilled to be with us and we are excited about what her role means for us as an organization.

These past 6 years have been amazing and if you had asked me in 2008 when we began where we would be right now I could not have predicted what is happening. The request for our groups continues to grow and students responses are very encouraging. In addition the response from schools continues to be very positive. In fact you can see that in the survey results¬†Karlie helped lay out this summer. (Hint: It’s good when all the schools want us back.)

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All that said, what is Karlie here to do? I’m glad you asked.
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