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For many of us parents sending our kids to school can be a little unnerving. Either because it is their first year or just the first year of middle or high school.

Okay, so many of us are probably ready for our kids to go back to school. The anxiety comes from wondering who our kids will be around, who their teacher will be, and what they will hear and learn (aside from the text book stuff).

I’m writing from the perspective of a parent with 2 elementary schools kids. If you are about to send your kid to Kindergarten, Middle School, or High School for their first experience on that campus you are likely a little stressed and anxious about what they will face.

Here are 4 things that will help you be prepared and reduce the stress level for you and your student.

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On free solo climbing and perspective 
Over the last few months I have periodically shown a video to my groups about a rock climber named Alex Honnold. The first time I watched this video, I squirmed in my chair, just like I suspect you will. This climber climbs without ropes, and does so on the most difficult routes in the world. Sometimes I will show this video to students to get the conversation started about choices, support, and relationships. Really, this video will get people talking.
Inevitably, another topic comes up with students as we discuss this video, and usually I have to point it out. The sheer magnitude of what this guy is doing tends to overshadow a quote he makes between the 9:06 and 9:45 mark as the interviewer challenged his mindset as he takes these incredible risks. What is interesting is how he confidently states that he knows what he is doing while also admitting that he might not have the ability to know how dangerous his actions are because he is “too close”.
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