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Begin with a Positive

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Since I began working with teens I have observed how they see things. Unfortunately it is not that different then how we see them as adults. We tend to focus on the negative aspect of a situation which leaves us frustrated, stressed, and many times unable to move.


In conversations when I have been able to talk through how a scenario will be presented I always recommend a similar action. Start with a positive. This can change a whole conversation. Obviously there are no guarantees for how a person will hear what you say but you want to present the best possible perspective regardless of how bad things really are. Here’s how to do that.

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The Need for Connection

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I had the opportunity to attend a town hall meeting last week in Southlake featuring a presentation by Grant Halliburton. The idea was to start a conversation with the community on how to help teens dealing with all sorts of issues.

This particular event, hosted by S.P.A.R.K.(Students and Parents Against Risks to Kids), was prompted by students at Carroll Senior High. They had a close friend die by suicide. This prompted them to seek out help for themselves and their peers.

This video from NBCDFW explains a little more.


A problem as big as this has many pieces to the solution. The students decided they wanted an event but more importantly an ongoing answer to where to get help. This is where we came in.

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