Being a teenager is hard. They need our help!

Do you remember those teenage years? We do too! It is easy to feel overwhelmed and alone, but Teen Life exists to equip, encourage and empower teenagers to live life better. Get involved in one of the following ways:

Why Support Groups?

We believe that Support Groups offer teenagers a safe place to ask questions, receive the emotional support they need, and develop healthy peer and mentor relationships.

If these support groups do not exist, teenagers are going to continue to fall between the cracks. Instead of complaining about the current state of our culture, let’s encourage, equip and empower this next generation to make better choices.

# of students helped during 2015-2016 school year

# of trained Teen Lifeline facilitators

We were so thankful to have Teen Lifeline available to meet with our students. With more demands on the school counselor’s time, it is great to have a reliable option for help with our students. We are already thinking about how we want to use TL next year.

Dawson MS Counselor

Carroll ISD

It has been a great blessing to walk beside these kids on their turf, to equip them with some tools to help break the generational cycles of self-esteem, relationship, and spiritual poverty, and to assist them in casting a vision on where they want to be and how they might get there.


Decatur ISD, Support Groups Facilitator


Suicide (Pt. 1) with Dr. Becky Taylor

In the first episode of a two part series on suicide, Chris and Karlie are joined by Dr. Becky Taylor to discuss risk factors and suicide prevention. Suicide is a problem, especially among teenagers, and we need to get the conversation going about suicide. Join us as Dr. Taylor talks about how to support, confront and encourage teenagers who are thinking about suicide.

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“Making Room” for Teenagers

I want to show you a picture of my kayak. I’m gonna warn you, it’s pretty sad. This is where my kayak has resided for the last four years since we moved. To my memory, it hasn’t come down since I put it up there.It is very, very sad. In some ways, this kayak serves as a relic of my life before children. In short, I had time to kayak. I would have full days with nothing to do but kayak. And fish. And camp. It was a symbol of a loose schedule where anything could happen and on many days I would wind up on top of this vessel going to parts unknown. But now it sits idle in my garage, casting disapproving looks down at me as I load our kids into the minivan.

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Mark Matlock Talks The Importance of Youth Ministry

This episode, Chris and Karlie are joined by youth ministry expert, author, and national speaker, Mark Matlock. Join the conversation as Mark discusses the importance of youth ministry and how churches can reach teenagers. Whether or not you attend church, this is a great conversation about the importance of relationships and a place to belong in the life of a teenager.

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Tap Your Resources

On Tuesday of this week, I had the privilege of being at a resource fair for one of our local school districts. The point was to have several organizations come out and highlight the services they provide especially to students, elementary through high school. These times are always good because even though I may know several of the organizations, I learn more about what they do every time. I believe we live in a unique area in terms of collaboration among non-profit organizations rather than the competition that I hear about in other areas. That said, I hope that other areas are starting to shift to more of a collaborative model knowing that no single organization can provide all of the answers.

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Heather & Jade Talk Teen Pregnancy

This episode, Heather and Jade join the Don’t Panic Podcast to talk about their stories both separately and as they intertwine. As a young teen mom, Jade has looked to Heather for support and encouragement. With her oldest son now in college, Heather was able to provide hope and a new perspective through her own teen pregnancy. You won’t want to miss this episode on the joys and challenges of teen parenthood.

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The Power of “Me Too”

Earlier this week, we held our 2nd annual Teen Lifeline Fundraising Dinner & Auction, and I am still blown away by the generosity and support that come from this night. One of my favorite parts of the night came when Beverly Ross spoke truth over the audience. If you haven’t heard of Beverly Ross or Wise County Christian Counseling, I would encourage you to go check them out! At this dinner, Beverly Ross challenged us by saying, “We need to teach that it’s not going to be okay. It’s going to be hard, but you’re never going to do it alone.”

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